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Distributed measurement and control
technology for your applications

Solutions for highly accurate and reliable distributed data acquisition

In a world of global communication and network systems, we offer solutions to support the development of distributed systems for measurement and control applications. silicon systems develops high-precision, high-performance, reliable, energy-efficient and easy-to-use products. These are used to control various actuators, such as relays or valves, and to acquire data from a wide range of sensors, such as pressure and temperature transducers or light barriers.

Modern industrial applications or experiments conducted at universities or research facilities need to be maintained or monitored over the Internet, which requires the use of intelligent, distributed network nodes. Low noise, minimal temperature drift, sophisticated calibration procedures and monitoring of operating parameters such as supply voltages or device temperature are just some of the features of our products that set us apart from competitors.

Network standards infrastructure

All our products use the established Ethernet network standard IEEE 802.3 (LAN), which is used in most laboratories, factories or office buildings. Power is supplied via the Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af standard, which most modern network switches support. Thus, there is no need to modify or extend the existing cabling in the building. Intelligent network configuration protocols such as DHCP ensure easy and fast commissioning.

Design and support

Each system is unique and must perfectly meet the requirements set. We support our customers in the development of measurement and control solutions both in terms of the software to be used and the hardware components. Our products are modular and designed to cover most scientific and industrial tasks. Continuous support of our products during their entire life cycle is important to us in order to ensure error-free operation and reliability at all times. This includes in particular regular calibration, which we recommend to our customers.

References and current projects

Many national and European universities, research institutes and industrial companies have already placed their trust in us and we have been able to successfully support them in solving complex problems. Some of these companies work in the field of aerospace technology, where reliability, precision and reproducibility are of utmost importance.

In recent years, silicon systems has participated in the internationally renowned QB50 satellite project, which was funded by the European Union and aimed to measure the Earth’s lower thermosphere using a large number of small satellites (CubeSats). silicon systems played a key role in the development of the first Austrian CubeSat and developed, programmed and tested essential components.

Many years of cooperation with university and industrial customers and experience in hardware and software development in the aerospace sector make silicon systems an ideal and reliable partner. Do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to supporting you in the implementation of your project.

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