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Case and Installation

Any measuring instrument requires special protection when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Proper insulation and electromagnetic shielding are essential for highest measurement accuracy and lowest susceptibility to errors. The suitable  CS01 DSUB15 Aluminum Case for all our instruments is made of a high-quality alloy and the surface is anodized to increase the mechanical and chemical resistance.
For easy mounting in a 19" rack chassis, silicon systems offers the  RM01 Rack-Mount Kit. It is directly attached to the device and allows a compact and clear installation of up to 16 devices in a single 19" rack chassis.

DSUB-15 Break-Out Connector

Most devices have a 15-pin standard D-SUB female connector with gold-plated contacts. The mating connectors are easily available and offered for a reasonable price. For some applications, especially for test setups or prototyping projects, fixed wiring can be disadvantageous because soldering or crimping of the signal lines takes more time and changes cannot be easily made.
In this case, the D-SUB 15 Breakout Connectors are a good choice. These are plugged directly into the measuring instrument and the lines can be connected to a screwable terminal block. This way the functionality of a sensor or an actuator can be easily checked, or the wiring can be adapted quickly.

CS01 DSUB15 Aluminum Case

It is important to protect the sensitive electronics of the measuring instruments in the best possible way, especially in harsh environments or industrial applications. Electromagnetic shielding can not only reduce measurement noise, but also increase the reliability and lifetime of the instrument.


  • Optimal protection of sensitive electronics
  • Made of a high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Black anodized surface for increased mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Good thermal conductivity
CS01 DSUB15 Aluminum Case


€ 49.00

CON01 DSUB15 Breakout Connector

The D-SUB 15 Breakout Connector allows you to quickly and easily connect other devices, such as sensors or actuators for temporary purpose. Not each signal line has to be crimped or soldered, instead it is plugged into a screwable terminal block. The D-SUB 15 Breakout Connector has 15 pins whose assignment corresponds 1:1 to the D-SUB connector of the device.
For a permanent connection, silicon systems nevertheless recommends D-SUB connectors with solderable or crimped pins to keep the contact resistance and thermoelectric voltages low.


  • Suitable for all devices
  • Gold-plated pins for low contact resistance and reliable connection
  • Screw terminals for a reliable mechanical connection
  • Small board that can be connected directly to the device
CON01 DSUB15 Breakout Connector


€ 39.00

RM01 Rack-Mount Kit

The Rack-Mount Kit allow to integrate an aluminum housing directly into a 19" rack chassis. Like the cases, the panels are made of a high-quality aluminum alloy and are black anodized to increase mechanical and chemical resistance.


  • Suitable for the CS01 DSUB15 aluminum housing
  • Black anodized surface for increased mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Two screws for easy and reliable installation
  • Compatible with all common 19" rack chassis
  • Height: 3 U (128.4 mm), width: 5 HP (25.1 mm)
RM01 Rack-Mount Kit


€ 19.00

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