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Most industrial and scientific measurement applications try to use a physical principle underlying a sensor in such a way that the physical properties of a process result in a corresponding voltage or current signal that is easier to handle and process. This is usually a voltage or current signal. The current signal from an industrial 4 to 20 mA transducer can be amplified, scaled, filtered or linearized

using analog circuity or can directly be converted to a digital value using our CI01 Octal Current Monitor. It provides eight individual low impedance current input channels. Any mathematical post-processing including scaling, linearization or calibration can be comfortably done in software which enables the user to quickly implement the desired measurement or control application.

CI01 Octal Current Monitor

The CI01 device is a versatile and easy-to-use current monitor. With eight inputs, it can be used with any industrial transducer with the current output ranging from 4 mA to 20 mA. The ultra-low noise, the high resolution and the outstanding accuracy make it ideal for industrial applications as well as for scientific experiments.
The channels are multiplexed, amplified, conditioned and sampled by the high-performance 24-Bit delta-sigma A/D converter. This ensures maximum data acquisition rates of up to 3 kHz at lowest noise levels. Since the channels are sampled alternately, the acquisition rate per channel depend on the number of selected channels.


  • Connected to 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet over RJ45 jack
  • Eight independent sensor inputs
  • Alternating data acquisition of selected channels
  • Low crosstalk and low capacitive coupling between the channels
  • Low input resistance, less than 1.5 V voltage drop
  • High sampling rates of up to 3 kHz
  • Highest accuracy is guaranteed when the device is operated within ±5 °C (±9 °F) of the last calibration
  • Surveillance of all voltages and board temperature
  • Continuous over-voltage protected pins up to ±30 V
  • Powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Idle power consumption of less than 1.3 W
  • Compatible with all modern Ethernet standards
  • Drivers for Microsoft® Visual C++™, MathWorks® MATLAB™, Python and National Instruments® LabVIEW™ programming environment
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